Stop a Sex Addiction

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Are you suffering from a devastating sex addiction? Are you having trouble with your marriage, with money and time management? Sex addictions can be hard to stop and often times require counseling. Before things really get out of hand, here are some tips to help you stop the sex


REMOVE sexual reminders like pornography from your life. Monitor how much time you spend alone thinking about sexual activity.

STAY busy with work, extracurricular activties and family events. Keep a daily schedule of planned activities and avoid placing yourself in situations you cannot control.

MEET with a sexual addiction counselor or support group. Find help in your local community and network with other who are suffering as sex addicts.

SPEAK with a pastor or member of your church about stopping your sexual addiction. Pray about your addiction to sex and ask God for the strength to stop.

DOCUMENT how the sexual addiction is ruining your personal life. Keep a journal of behavior you want to stop especially if it is harmful.

REVEAL your sexual fantasies to your sexual partner. Determine whether you are satisfied in your current sexual relationship.

SEEK professional help if you cannot control your sexual urges.


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